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Common Mistakes When Securing Property and Belongings

05/11/2015 Back To Blog

One of the worst things that can happen in a person’s life is to have an intruder enter his home. This is why it is imperative to watch out for mistakes so as to prevent them from happening. Apart from not installing sufficient lights to keep the unauthorised people away.Complement Your Home Security System


Avoiding These Bad Practices Is a Must


Some homeowners spend their money buying complicated and expensive home security systems while neglecting the locks they use for different areas in the home that can be easily accessed by people who plan to enter without permission. If this sets an alarm, perhaps, it is about time to have a new lock installation and replace the cheap padlock you have. Invest in a deadbolt that can either be single or double locks to ensure your front door is secure. Even from afar, potential thieves know if you are using cheap locks or door knobs. So, if you want to avoid break-ins in your home, complement your home security system with quality and secure locks. There are some people who think a safe or vault installation is too expensive and a waste of money. However, this is quite the opposite. If you find a reliable locksmith who can install a vault in your room or any part of the house you deem is the right place to keep your valuables, it is a worthy investment. Moreover, this is just a one-time expense. Also, talk to your locksmith and ask about having the vault or safe bolted down to the floor so in case a burglar was able get in, he cannot take your valuables since he cannot carry the vault with him.


Home owners might be focusing on the front door or main entrance and end up overlooking the security of the back entrance. To avoid this mistake, it is equally important to see to it that you ask a domestic locksmith who has the experience with these things. This way, you know that only the right locks will be used and even if an intruder tries to access from the back, it will be futile. Apart from an effective door lock to keep unauthorised entry from the back of your home, have the blinds or curtains drawn up if you have a sliding glass door. Another easy access to a home is unlocked windows yet there are people who forget to lock their windows. There are even home owners who mistakenly think thieves cannot enter windows especially the smaller ones but this is not true. Burglars come in different sizes and you might not know when one with a small build might just happen to be the intruder. Ensure your window locks are working and that you keep your windows locked at all times.


Avoiding these mistakes will lessen the chances of getting burglarised and exposing your property and your family to danger. Hire us at “Locksmith Barnet” if you need any help with upgrading the security at your home or office.

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