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Do more with your locks and keys; visit our tips page for more knowledge.


This web page has been especially created to provide valuable tips related to various important topics in the locksmith industry. If you want to learn how to do the right thing when it comes to using and caring for locks and keys, you have come to the right place.


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  • Keep the area around your UPVC door clean

    Keep the areas in front t of your doors clean to prevent dirt from taking hold underneath them. This dirt can cause a build-up of debris that will cause your door rollers to jam, this is especially the case with sliding UPVC doors. Also, be sure to perform regular maintenance on them to ensure that they are properly lubricated at all times. This will keep them working as they should.

  • Remove traces of rust from locks and keys right away

    This is essential for preventing its spreading. You should use the mildest commercial rust removal or white vinegar which you have boiled in advance. You can dip rusty keys directly into the vinegar for best results. You must use soft cloth for removing the rust from door locksets rather than an abrasive tool.

  • Apply lubricant to a sticky lock

    If the key is difficult to turn inside the lock, you should provide lubrication first. The technicians of "Locksmith Barnet" recommend that you apply a sufficient amount, so that it starts flowing out of the keyhole. You should spread some on the face of the cylinder as well. If lubrication does not help, repair will be needed.

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